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GET IN TOUCH - Whether your wedding is a year or only a month out, it's never too late! We'll get back to you ASAP and get the ball rolling.

SIGN EVENT CONTRACT - After we determine if month-of planning is for you, we'll send you documents to sign and mark our calendars!

DO A HAPPY DANCE - Because we're taking over! 30 days out, we'll pull  together all the pieces you've worked so hard to gather. We'll take time with you to review contracts and clarify outstanding tasks. Shortly after this initial meeting, we'll create a detailed timeline that'll have you ready to walk down the aisle then and there. From this point on, we'll be the point of contact and organizer for all the moving pieces of your big day, so you can take a breather and enjoy being engaged.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE! - We love a good rehearsal! We'll guide everyone through everything from how fast to walk and  where to stand, to what angles are best for photos. Last minute details will also be announced here, so your whole wedding party is in-the-know. Nothing left but to enjoy your rehearsal dinner with your loved ones! 

LET'S GET YOU MARRIED - We'll be running from the wee hours until long after the party has ended! From expert problem solving to our emergency kits, you can grant yourself full permission to order a cocktail, sit back, enjoy the details, and take in that cozy feeling that only comes when around your favorite people (a truly Gezellig experience!)


Get In Touch!

We can't wait to meet you! Let us buy you a caramel macchiato at one of our favorite Nashville joints, or hop on a phone call,  and we'll get your vision for your upcoming big day.

Or, feel free to send Z an email at

or call at (615) 285-8446

Voilà! We're excited to get in touch!

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