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It's all in the details! (Details you shouldn't have to worry about!)

So you’re ready to go! You’ve secured your venue, booked a killer DJ, and the new sparkle on your hand is a constant distraction. What more is there?! 



  • The individual pieces are fun, but putting them together makes you want to pull your hair out

  • You feel like you could use a hand, but hiring a full-time planner is out of budget 

  • You don’t want to be the person putting out fires at your own wedding

  • You had plans of relishing every second of your wedding day but, with all the moving parts, that idea is seeming increasingly unrealistic

  • You envision enjoying your last 30 days of engagement and your entire wedding weekend (we do, too!)


Gezellig Events takes all the pieces that you’ve gathered for your wedding and puts them together in one seamless, perfectly detailed, experience. A month before your big day, we take the reins and run the show from the rehearsal practice through your full day of wedding vows, toasts, and sparkly send-offs.


You've worked so hard already for your dream wedding, now it's your time to soak in your engagement, smooch your fiance, and arrive on your wedding day excited to feel like a guest at your own dream party. 


  • Review all contracts and details to make sure nothing is missed and create a killer timeline

  • Are the main point of contact for you, your vendors, your wedding party, and your future mother-in-law, to take a load off your shoulders and ensure communication is seamless! 

  • Walk through your venue with you to ensure the floor plan and vision are exactly what you want.

  • Are rehearsal geniuses. From how fast to walk, to photo staging, we love a good rehearsal! We’ll run the show for you, so you and your loved ones can have fun, feel confident, and then go enjoy your rehearsal dinner. 

  • Are machines when it comes to wedding day tasks! From the start of your day through tear-down, we’ve blocked off the entire day for you, and you only. Whatever last minute tasks or needs (our signature emergency kits and hugs always included), we’ll be there for you and are one step ahead. Your wedding day is all about the details--details that you shouldn't need to worry about. Our mission is to get you hitched, without a hitch!


GET IN TOUCH - Whether your wedding is a year or only a month out, we've got you! We'll get back to you ASAP and get the ball rolling.

SIGN EVENT CONTRACT - After we determine if month-of planning is for you, we'll send you documents to sign and mark our calendars!

DO A HAPPY DANCE - Because we're taking over! 30 days out, we'll pull  together all the pieces you've worked so hard to gather. We'll take time with you to review contracts and clarify outstanding tasks. Shortly after this initial meeting, we'll create a detailed timeline that'll have you ready to walk down the aisle then and there. From this point on, we'll be the point of contact and organizer for all the moving pieces of your big day, so you can take a breather and enjoy being engaged.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE! - We love a good rehearsal! We'll guide everyone through everything from how fast to walk and  where to stand, to what angles are best for photos. Last minute details will also be announced here, so your whole wedding party is in-the-know. Nothing left but to enjoy your rehearsal dinner with your loved ones! 

LET'S GET YOU MARRIED - We'll be running from the wee hours until long after the party has ended! From expert problem solving to our emergency kits, you can grant yourself full permission to order a cocktail, sit back, enjoy the details, and take in that cozy feeling that only comes when around your favorite people (a truly Gezellig experience!)


  • Creating the overall vision or theme for wedding 

  • Booking vendors or your venue (we do have recommendations to give though!)

  • Putting together your floral 

  • Creating DIY projects 

  • Oversight of printed materials 

If you could use a hand with any of these tasks, please do still reach out! We offer a la carte hours or have fabulous recommendations for those who could be of service.

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